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皇家彩票网官方网站:Institutional research and inventory: Which fund company is "the most diligent"? Which stocks are "the most favored"?

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内容摘要: The poor market conditions also affected the performance of the fund in the first half of the year, especially the equity fund, but the res...

The poor market conditions also affected the performance of the fund in the first half of the year, especially the equity fund, but the research pace of fund company has not stopped. According to the data, in the first half of this year, 317 fund companies surveyed 771 listed companies. Compared with 287 fund companies in the same period last year, 833 listed companies were investigated. The number of fund companies participating in the survey has increased, and the listed companies surveyed In concentration.

The ten most diligent fund companies

In the first half of this year, more than 300 fund companies participated in the survey. The data shows that the top 10 fund companies participated in the most frequent surveys in the first half of 2018.


Harvest Fund in the first half total of 231 times involved in research, research stocks 175, subject to a maximum of three stocks are concerned Riyadh , Suning Tesco and Huadong Medicine . Followed by Huaxia Fund and Bo Shi Fund , in the first half of this year, it investigated 192 times and 168 times respectively, and investigated 146 and 140 individual stocks.

Bank of Communications Schroder Fund , Southern Fund , Penghua Fund , Wells Fargo Funds , Yinhua Fund , ICBC Credit Suisse Asset , GF Fund also featured on the list. In addition, the top 10 fund companies surveyed in the first half of this year have conducted more than 1,500 total surveys and averaged 125 stocks.

A number of fund companies surveyed these ten stocks

In the first half of this year, more than 700 listed companies were investigated by fund companies. Data show that the ten most popular stocks fund companies concerned. Even for attention lowest a stock, fund companies are also involved in research more than 45.


Haikangwei by the degree of concern, as the of rising to become the largest fund company by stock research. The first half of 2017, a total of 61 fund companies Hikvision research, the second half of the same year, the number of companies on their research funds rose to 94. The first half of this year, the fund companies involved in research of more than 99 liters, Hikvision become the largest fund company by stock research. After

Hikvision is UOB shares and Wei Ning Jiankang , respectively 68 and 66 research fund companies. It is worth noting that Weining Health has experienced rapid growth in the first half of this year, rising by 84.79% as of June 29, 2018. In addition, the top ten stocks by most fund companies of interest, respectively, as well as crystal Sheng Electrical , Sunway Communication , Huadong Medicine, Kymmene technology , Riyadh, Venus and Luxshare . (Daily Economic News)

Research meeting's "Students"

\u0026nbsp;Now, in the A-share market, Institutional Research Listed companies are very common. Some listed companies will actively invite institutions to conduct research, and some institutions will find listed companies to investigate. The reporter participated in the research activities of many listed companies and has seen many “investors' sentiments in the investigation of listed companies”. It can be said that the research of listed companies is also a glimpse of the A-share "Jianghu", and there are places where "the rivers and lakes" are naturally wonderful and continuous.

In terms of the appearance of appearance, dressing, and behavior, the listed company research conference is also a place to see the rivers and lakes. Suits and shoes, well-dressed clothes, words worthy of the value of investment, the words of Buffett and so on, seemingly glamorous, may ultimately be just a "friendship starred." The ordinary clothing, casual behavior, and easy manners, perhaps it is the fund, securities companies and other institutions of the big coffee or cattle people, they win the inner temperament, of course, also win over professional knowledge. At the research venue, there will be a class of people with well-dressed suits, handsome faces, timely records, written letters, and frequent nods. But if you ask him, he may tell you that he is just a trainee's trainee analyst or analyst Assistant, and at the same time, responded with a rather embarrassed smile.

From a professional point of view, the research of a listed company can show the different professional qualities and professional standards of the organization. It has been seen that the information on listed companies’ financial information is well known. The company’s upstream and downstream companies are well aware of the company’s management. The company’s management staff are the most discreet institutional investors. Naturally, it is not the same as the gas field at the site of the survey. A question can be asked by the listed company’s senior management to discuss first. After asking again, several senior executives began to whisper to answer. Naturally, such institutional investors have a high status as "Jianghu". When they ask questions, they can grab the attention of the scene and ask questions to be completed. Facing the company's seriousness and even a bit of embarrassment, the moment when the microphones are set aside, they are quite complacent. Of course, such investors are also the target of the “docking” of listed companies after the meeting. The chairman and general manager came to exchange business cards and talks.

Of course, there are also those who are not known for their professional investment, or who stand out from the research activities with another "other profession". The professionalism of this type of person is reflected in the scene, or through questioning, it will spill over the words of the company, or it will ingeniously lead out the development vision and development blueprint of the listed company CEO. Such investors are very important for successful research activities, so that they can open up the boss's “talk” and maybe they may actually “have accidentally said too much”. This type of investor is also a favorite of the company, able to activate the atmosphere, and cleverly let the listed company say what they want to say. However, in the investigation of listed companies, there are also investors who are too strong in the color of soy sauce. They will look around and look forward to the problem. But you may find that such investors have their own "gateway". Perhaps after the end of the research conference, they took the company executives and opened a "small meeting" for in-depth exchanges.

Naturally, the listed company research conference is not a one-man show of fund institutions, and listed companies are also core participants. Generally speaking, in institutional research activities, listed companies are more open and hope to have full communication with investors. Of course, listed companies and company executives are relatively eager. They hope to pass information through research activities and have appeals to the secondary market. Some listed companies and executives are more peaceful. Most of these companies have better performance and stable operation. The company's share price has no specific appeal. Of course, for the participants, they prefer that the listed companies and company executives be the former. Therefore, in the research activities, more information can be shared and more effective interactions can be achieved. (China Securities Journal)

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